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'Make a long term difference'

new arrivals


Many immigrants, refugees and expatriates who have left their homeland in search for a new life, already have valuable characteristics that define a successful entrepreneur;...ability to adapt to change, to take risks, tenacious and driven.  These entrepreneurs can provide immense value to their new country's society and economy, and they can eventually bring this value back to their existing country.  In many cases, their existing country may be a third world country, an economically depressed country, or a country under siege that needs the help of the entrepreneur.

We call this the ‘Triple Win Strategy’.  A business model that is a win for the entrepreneur, the residing country, and eventually the existing country the immigrant or expatriate came from.

The Venture Academie team provides the necessary support, tools and network to help the immigrant, refugee, or expatriate entrepreneur achieve the Triple Win Strategy over time. 

If you are an immigrant, refugee or an expatriate, and you have a business model that can achieve the ‘Triple Win Strategy’, we invite you to interview, meet the team and take a tour of our office space.

About the Executive Team

Tom lived in Silicon Valley for 18 years and Paris France for 15 years.  In Paris, Tom is a Director on various boards (startups), and is an active member of Serve-The-City, a non-profit organization that delivers food to refugees and immigrants in Europe.  Tom has also served as Chair, Vice Chair and committee positions for the American Church in Paris.  In Silicon Valley, Tom founded the San Francisco Knowledge Management Consortium. Tom has been a key note speaker at the Columbia Business School, the London Business School, the America Business School in Paris, the European Union and Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC), and twice at HBA conference in New York.  Tom has a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.), and in Political Science from Westmont College.


TOM WILSCAM (Managing Director)

Tom has worked for Fortune 500 companies and has launched 3 startups in his career. Tom has also been in executive roles in Europe and Silicon Valley, specializing in ecommerce, supply-chain management, CRM and consumer goods (luxury and beauty).  For over 11 years, Tom was the Founder and CEO of HOMMAGE INC, a B2B and brick and mortar business, selling men's consumer luxury products and services to over 200 stores in 20 countries, and with branded locations in Frankfurt, London, Dubai, New York, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Miami.  In 2012, Tom launched a separate HOMMAGE company in the UK, dedicated to selling products through ecommerce, which he then sold the company in early 2016.  Tom also worked with management consulting firms (KPMG, DSG), and with CRM and Supply Chain technology at Oracle Corporation, CMGI, Baystone (BMC) and ClickSoftware.



Manuel de la Fuente (Executive of Finance)

Manuel is a seasoned CFO with extensive international experience in finance and operations.  Manuel has held executive positions at corporations such as United Technologies, at many portfolio companies in some of the leading Private Equity firms – Aprovia (a Cinven, Carlyle and Apax LBO), Otor (a Carlyle LBO), CPI (a CVC and Cognetas LBO) and at ECD - United Solar Ovonics Emea (a US company registered on Nasdaq).


Manuel’s has years of executive experience in managing finance and operations teams, but also in corporate restructuring and corporate turnaround (both operational and financial). Manuel has helped privately held companies raise capital, manage acquisitions, perform exit strategies, helped attain debt financing and helped organizations with post-acquisition integration.

Manuel helps CEOs, entrepreneurs and shareholders to find solutions and solve problems through his extensive business acumen.  Manuel has always demonstrated his ability to expand beyond the boundaries of his strong expertise in finance to help mentor and guide executives and company founders with their overall company growth strategies.  He's a strong believer in ‘intellectual honesty’ and is passionate about maintaining a hands-on approach to problem-solving, and he dedicates time to social impact initiatives in Paris.

              Zeynep Bayram

             Project Manager

                Phoebe Todd

Graphics Designer & Video/Photo

               Owen Bonnet

          Community Manager 

KIM BALL (Marketing Executive)
Kim has 30 plus years of marketing and branding experience in executive management positions in San Francisco and Paris, for global leading advertising, media and public relations firms including Footcone Belding, Hill Holiday, Young & Rubicam, and Goldberg Moser O'Neill. Kim was most recently the Global Director of Communications for Ogilvy & Mather Paris (Hill Holiday) for 15 years.


Kim has managed or overseen the marketing, public relations or branding for a range of accounts such as Perrier, Netflix, Dove, Tinder, Nutella, Berringer, Duracell, Nestle and Nespresso; and with many technology brands such as Quantum, Epson, Motorola, IBM, and directly with Bill Gates (CEO, Microsoft), and John Chambers (CEO of Cisco Systems).


Kim has written published articles on branding, marketing and advertisement.  She has been a public speaker for the advertising Association of America, presenting on the topic of International Branding. Kim was also the Key Note Speaker at the Rocky Mountain Multiple Multiple Sclerosis Gala Event where she spoke to over 500 guests, and in venues in Paris on the subject of ‘Mindful Energy’.  Kim holds a degree in Journalism from the University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.), and in Journalism from the University of Colorado.

Venture Académie Partners

Venture Academie's brings best of breed partners together to provide a value to the education, advancement and support of the immigrant and Ex-Patriot Entrepreneur.

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