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Venture Académie offers regularly scheduled workshops for entrepreneurs. Our collaborative workshops involve 8 to 15 VA members who are all in the development and planning stages of their new ventures.  The workshops are facilitated by the Venture Académie team, and are scheduled two hours on average, per day.

The goal of the Venture Académie workshops are to create a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can share ideas, visions and strategies with one another to receive feedback and guidance from members, and Venture Académie team leaders.  


In addition, each scheduled workshop offers a different focus per session, through the presentation of case studies, that cover a range of business issues and subject matter relating to successfully opening and running a new business. 

Examples of these collaborative workshops include :

- VA Members present a skeleton business plan, before all members each provide feedback on the business plan
- VA members collaborate on a specific business (startup or large corporate) case study and collectively determine the key main reasons for success or failure.  
- VA Members listen to a lecture from an executive of a successful start up or business, followed by a Q&A session facilitated by a fellow entrepreneur.   
- VA Members learn how to construct a SWOT Analysis (Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities &  Threats), followed by a presentation to other Members, and a feedback session. 
- VA Members work collaboratively to determine a member's new business idea or concept's BCE (Barrier of Competitive Entry) and how to ensure the business value proposition is differentiated in the market, and how to block a competitive offering.

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