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"Great things in business are never done

by one person, they're done by a team of people." 

Steve Jobs

A critical requirement when opening a business is to have a proper advisor or group of advisors that can help you successfully establish, build and navigate your new business. 
As a Venture Académie Member, you will have access to a list of successful entrepreneurs who have agreed to act as a Venture Académie Mentor or a Business Coach.    Venture Académie will pair each VA Member with a Mentor or Coach that has similar industry expertise and an appropriate profile. 
Venture Académie Mentors and Coaches have been pre-qualified, required to meet certain criteria such as whether they have successfully operated their own business, held an executive position in a successful company, or mentored or coached other entrepreneurs in the past. Most importantly, VA Mentors and Coaches must understand the importance of having a mentor or coach to provide advice, guidance and direction for an entrepreneur starting a new business.  
Venture Académie Members are required to fill out a questionnaire and profile, to help our team determine the most valuable mentor or coach for the Member. Pairing is usually based on industry specific expertise; but also age, location and language are factors involved in the pairing process. 

Become a Venture Académie Member and pair up with a Mentor

Interested in becoming a Venture Académie Mentor ?

"I once heard that every successful person in life got their start by having a mentor and I first met my business mentor in 2008.   He is still a successful owner of a multi-million dollar operation and prior founder of 3 companies.    Not only did he know how to navigate through the challenges but he also helped me focus on the action items that were key to success.   I can't explain in words the value of having a mentor in the initial stages of launching my first company; Invaluable."                                                                                                                                      - Mohamed Alkady, President of Hart Inc.

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