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"Fund raising is an extreme sport!" - Marc A. Pitman


In most cases, a challenge in opening a new business is finding seed capital for hiring, development, marketing and operations.   
Venture Académie Members can learn from and leverage our fundraising program,
designed to help immigrants and refugees determine funding requirements, find capital, acquire funding, and understand how to properly use the capital to grow a new business.
The current Venture Académie team has previous hands-on experience of raising over 8 Million Euros for startup businesses, both seed round and mezzanine round investments.  
VA Members can understand exactly how much capital is required, and at what stage in the company life cycle is it most appropriate to raise capital.
VA Members learn the process of fund raising, starting from creating the required documentation, to approaching, acquiring, and working with an individual or group of investors long term.  

VA Members learn how to put together an appropriate investor deck for angel investors, private equity or corporate investors.
VA members may work with the Venture Académie extensive database of individual angel investors, angel groups, private equity firms, corporate investment departments and investment banks.

Become a Venture Académie Member

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