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"Networking is the No. 1 unwritten rule of success in business".

                                                               - Sallie Krawcheck

An international strategy is a critical element for most new businesses and working with a team that has a strong international network can help significantly to the growth of an enterprise.    
The Venture Académie team has a combined network of over 20,000 contacts of individuals and businesses in countries such as France, the United States, England, Germany, Japan and the Middle East.   In addition, the Venture Académie team has senior level contacts with the press and media in most every major city worldwide.
A VA member can work with the Venture Académie team to determine the most effective method of communication to reach an international audience.    Venture Académie also provides its members with opportunities to network with other international entrepreneurs, through organized events, conferences, workshops, and video conferences. 
Soon Venture Académie will launch the Clover Database, which will provide VA Members access to a broad range of local/international network of clients, partners and other entrepreneurs.  The Clover Database will also help our VA Members to find appropriate business partners, mentors, investors, events and courses that will match up with the business needs and interests of each Member. 


Find Partners, Mentors, Investors, Events and Courses that will match up with exactly to your business needs and industry specific requirements


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